dream island

A digital print, A3 size

 ᎠᏍᎩᏘᏍᏗ island

It's an island where you can go skate on the ramp because the sun is always shining on that side of the island. If you feel like reading or drawing you can hike through the mountain to the other side where it’s raining all the time and read a book or draw in a tree house in soltitude or with a company. There is also a forest with huge trees and camping site where every night is a big bonfire set, where you go if you feel lonely or happy. There are tigers, lions, various birds, bears and bees. There is also swan lake and dolphins beach. The only real danger is Loch Ness but she is friendly if you are a good person. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* .